ETS 2 – Realistic Signs v1.4

Mod Açıklaması:

*Compatibility for 1.50.x game version.


This simple mod removes the orange tapes on the road signs.


Compatible with 1.50.x, 1.49.x, 1.48.x … game versions.


What? Aren’t They There for Realism?

You’re right. They are there for the closed roads, just like in real life. But too many closed road signs destroy the realism. In real life, you don’t always come across so many closed road signs. That’s why we don’t like them.


This mod removes vanilla textures (orange tapes) used on vanilla road signs. If these vanilla textures are also used in ProMods then yes it will work for ProMods as well.


This mod does not remove red XXXX. As far as I know it requires map editing. And map edits are not supported by Steam Workshop.

Why Isn’t It Updated Frequently?

Because there is no need to update. This is a very simple texture mod. It rarely needs updates.


I don’t have detailed information about Convoy. But if I understand correctly, it makes more sense to activate the optional feature for server side only mods. And this mod is not server side only. Everyone on the server must download it.

This mod doesn’t work in TruckersMP!

Sinagrit Baba

Sinagrit Baba

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