ETS 2 – Preferred Physics v4.0.5 by scraTchy [1.50]

Mod Açıklaması:
The mod is a reworking of the default physics of trucks for the view from the cockpit.
Adjustments have been made to the steering, brakes, cabin movement, suspension and more.

All default trucks;
Mercedes 1632 NG [Edit by Equalizer];
DAF F241 series [by BS];
VOLVO F88 [by XBS];
Scania T Mod [by RJL];
DAF 95 ATi [by XBS];
MAN F2000 [by XBS];
Big Stars [by WTD];
Kamaz 5490 Neo [by Max_Dmitriev & others];
MAZ 5440 [Bruiser & others];
FORD F MAX [by SimülasyonTÜRK].

Recommended settings:
uset g_suspension_stiffness 0.35
uset g_truck_stability 0.2
uset g_trailer_stability 0.55
uset g_brake_intensity 2.0

Update for patch 1.50.



İndirme Linki: Download mod

Preferred Physics v4.0.5 by scraTchy [1.50] mod indir

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