ETS 2 – MB AeroDynamic Trailer by AM v2.0.3 – 1.50

Mod Açıklaması:
The mod adds an AeroDynamic trailer with the option of buying into the property.

High-quality low-poly model
Lots of accessories
5 options (plastic, paint, chrome, dark chrome and carbon)
options for Scania and Mercedes
Animation of supports
Cable simulation
Baked Textures (2K)
Correct collision and shadow

Converted for new material changes
Repackaged with the new HashFS v2 format
Truck_config_scene.sci for 1.50

LeeZR, !MehdiAnti, sagittariusjr

LeeZR, !MehdiAnti, sagittariusjr

İndirme Linki: Download mod

MB AeroDynamic Trailer by AM v2.0.3 – 1.50 mod indir

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